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Posted - 03/10/2005 :  04:37:24  會員資料  拜訪 ALPHONSE's 網頁 Send ALPHONSE a Private Message

ff.t.afewclouds=A Few Clouds少許的雲

ff.t.amcloudspmsun=AM Clouds / PM Sun 午後 晴
ff.t.amcloudspmsunwind=AM Clouds / PM Sun / Wind 午後 晴/有風
ff.t.amdrizzle=AM Drizzle 早晨 毛毛雨
ff.t.amlightrain=AM Light Rain 早晨 小雨
ff.t.amlightrainwind=AM Light Rain / Wind 早晨 小雨/有風
ff.t.amlightsnow=AM Light Snow 早晨 小雪
ff.t.amlightsnowwind=AM Light Snow / Wind早晨 小雪/有風
ff.t.amlightwintrymix=AM Light Wintry Mix 早晨/小風雪 (風雪混合)
ff.t.amrain=AM Rain 早晨 雨
ff.t.amrainice=AM Rain / Ice 早晨 冰
ff.t.amrainsnow=AM Rain / Snow 早晨 雨/雪
ff.t.amrainsnowwind=AM Rain / Snow / Wind Snow 早晨 雨/雪/有風
ff.t.amrainsnowshowers=AM Rain / Snow Showers 早晨 雨/陣雪
ff.t.amrainwind=AM Rain / Wind 早晨 雨/有風
ff.t.amshowers=AM Showers 早晨 陣雨
ff.t.amshowerswind=AM Showers / Wind 早晨 陣雨/有風
ff.t.amsnow=AM Snow早晨 雪
ff.t.amsnowshowers=AM Snow Showers 早晨 陣雪
ff.t.amsnowshowerswind=AM Snow Showers / Wind 早晨 陣雪/有風
ff.t.amthunderstorms=AM Thunderstorms早晨 雷雨
ff.t.amwintrymix=AM Wintry Mix 早晨/風雪 (風雪混合)
ff.t.blowingsandandwindy=Blowing Sand and Windy 吹沙塵(暴)
ff.t.blowingsnow=Blowing Snow 吹[風]雪
ff.t.clear=Clear 晴朗
ff.t.cloudsearlyclearinglate=Clouds Early / Clearing Late 早雲後晴
ff.t.cloudy=Cloudy 多雲
ff.t.cloudywind=Cloudy / Wind 多風
ff.t.cloudyandwindy=Cloudy and Windy
ff.t.fairandwindy=Fair and Windy
ff.t.fewshowers=Few Showers
ff.t.fewshowerswind=Few Showers / Wind
ff.t.fewsnowshowers=Few Snow Showers
ff.t.fewsnowshowerswind=Few Snow Showers / Wind
ff.t.flurrieswind=Flurries / Wind
ff.t.fog=Fog 霧
ff.t.haze=Haze 霾
ff.t.heavyrain=Heavy Rain
ff.t.heavyrainwind=Heavy Rain / Wind
ff.t.heavysnow=Heavy Snow
ff.t.heavyt-stormswind=Heavy T-Storms / Wind
ff.t.hvyrainfreezingrain=Hvy Rain / Freezing Rain
ff.t.icetorain=Ice to Rain
ff.t.isot-stormswind=Iso T-Storms / Wind
ff.t.isolatedt-storms=Isolated T-Storms
ff.t.lightdrizzle=Light Drizzle
ff.t.lightrain=Light Rain
ff.t.lightrainfreezingrain=Light Rain / Freezing Rain
ff.t.lightrainwind=Light Rain / Wind
ff.t.lightrainshower=Light Rain Shower
ff.t.lightrainshowerandwindy=Light Rain Shower and Windy
ff.t.lightrainwiththunder=Light Rain with Thunder
ff.t.lightsnow=Light Snow
ff.t.lightsnowwind=Light Snow / Wind
ff.t.lightsnowandfog=Light Snow and Fog
ff.t.lightsnowgrains=Light Snow Grains
ff.t.lightsnowlate=Light Snow Late
ff.t.lightsnowshower=Light Snow Shower
ff.t.lightsnowshowerwind=Light Snow Shower / Wind
ff.t.mist=Mist 靄
ff.t.mostlyclear=Mostly Clear
ff.t.mostlyclearwind=Mostly Clear / Wind
ff.t.mostlycloudy=Mostly Cloudy 多雲時陰
ff.t.mostlycloudywind=Mostly Cloudy / Wind
ff.t.mostlycloudyandwindy=Mostly Cloudy and Windy
ff.t.mostlysunny=Mostly Sunny
ff.t.mostlysunnywind=Mostly Sunny / Wind
ff.t.partlycloudy=Partly Cloudy 晴時多雲
ff.t.partlycloudywind=Partly Cloudy / Wind
ff.t.partlycloudyandwindy=Partly Cloudy and Windy
ff.t.pmdrizzle=PM Drizzle
ff.t.pmlightrain=PM Light Rain
ff.t.pmlightrainice=PM Light Rain / Ice
ff.t.pmlightrainwind=PM Light Rain / Wind
ff.t.pmlightsnow=PM Light Snow
ff.t.pmlightsnowwind=PM Light Snow / Wind
ff.t.pmrain=PM Rain
ff.t.pmrainsnow=PM Rain / Snow
ff.t.pmrainsnowwind=PM Rain / Snow / Wind
ff.t.pmrainsnowshowers=PM Rain / Snow Showers
ff.t.pmshowers=PM Showers
ff.t.pmshowerswind=PM Showers / Wind
ff.t.pmsnow=PM Snow
ff.t.pmsnowwind=PM Snow / Wind
ff.t.pmsnowshowers=PM Snow Showers
ff.t.pmsnowshowerswind=PM Snow Showers / Wind
ff.t.pmt-storms=PM T-Storms
ff.t.pmwintrymix=PM Wintry Mix
ff.t.rainfreezingrain=Rain / Freezing Rain
ff.t.rainsleet=Rain / Sleet
ff.t.rainsnow=Rain / Snow
ff.t.rainsnowwind=Rain / Snow / Wind
ff.t.rainsnowshowers=Rain / Snow Showers
ff.t.rainsnowshowerswind=Rain / Snow Showers / Wind
ff.t.rainsnowshowerslate=Rain / Snow Showers Late
ff.t.rainthunder=Rain / Thunder
ff.t.rainthunderwind=Rain / Thunder / Wind
ff.t.rainwind=Rain / Wind
ff.t.rainandsnow=Rain and Snow
ff.t.rainshower=Rain Shower
ff.t.raintosnow=Rain to Snow
ff.t.raintosnowwind=Rain to Snow / Wind
ff.t.scatteredflurries=Scattered Flurries
ff.t.scatteredshowers=Scattered Showers
ff.t.scatteredshowerswind=Scattered Showers / Wind
ff.t.scatteredsnowshowers=Scattered Snow Showers
ff.t.scatteredt-storms=Scattered T-Storms
ff.t.scatteredflurrieswind=Scattered Flurries / Wind
ff.t.scatteredsnowshowerswind=Scattered Snow Showers / Wind
ff.t.scatteredstrongstorms=Scattered Strong Storms
ff.t.scatteredt-stormswind=Scattered T-Storms / Wind
ff.t.showerswind=Showers / Wind
ff.t.showerswindlate=Showers / Wind Late
ff.t.showersearly=Showers Early
ff.t.showersinthevicinity=Showers in the Vicinity
ff.t.showerslate=Showers Late
ff.t.smoke=Smoke 煙
ff.t.snow=Snow 雪
ff.t.snowandicetorain=Snow and Ice to Rain
ff.t.snowgrains=Snow Grains
ff.t.snowshower=Snow Shower 陣雪
ff.t.snowshowerwind=Snow Shower / Wind 陣雪/風
ff.t.snowshowerwindearly=Snow Shower / Wind Early
ff.t.snowshowersearly=Snow Showers Early
ff.t.snowshowerslate=Snow Showers Late
ff.t.snowtoice=Snow to Ice
ff.t.snowtoicewind=Snow to Ice / Wind
ff.t.snowtorain=Snow to Rain
ff.t.snowtorainwind=Snow to Rain / Wind
ff.t.snowtowintrymix=Snow to Wintry Mix
ff.t.snowwind=Snow / Wind
ff.t.strongstorms=Strong Storms
ff.t.strongstormswind=Strong Storms / Wind
ff.t.sunnywindy=Sunny / Windy
ff.t.t-stormswind=T-Storms / Wind
ff.t.t-stormsearly=T-Storms Early
ff.t.t-stormslate=T-Storms Late
ff.t.wintrymix=Wintry Mix
ff.t.wintrymixwind=Wintry Mix / Wind
ff.t.wintrymixtosnow=Wintry Mix to Snow

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